WinBridge WB003 Portable Voice Amplifier

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  • Powerful and Portable: WB003 15W voice amplifier, equipped with a lightweight and high-performance headset microphone,delivers crystal-clear and powerful sound, ensuring that your voice is heard with precision in any teaching or guiding environment.
  • Extended Battery Life: Featuring a robust 2600mAh rechargeable battery, portable speaker provides an impressive 10+ hours of continuous usage on a single charge. Enjoy the freedom of extended sessions without the worry of running out of power.
  • Bluetooth Playback: The voice amplifier supports Bluetooth music playback, allowing users to seamlessly integrate background music with their voice output. This feature is perfect for creating an engaging and dynamic atmosphere during presentations or tours.
  • Convenient Mute Function: The speaker comes with a mute function, providing users with the flexibility to temporarily silence the microphone when needed. This feature is useful for managing interruptions or private conversations without the need to turn off the entire system.
  • PERFECT FOR : Teachers, Trainers, Patients with weak voice, Coaches, Instructors, Tour guides, Public Speakers, Factories, Hospitals, Senior homes, Outdoor activities, Yoga classes, Gym, and any place & occasion where your delicate voice needs to be heard clearly and loudly.