Winbridge S92 Pro 25 Watts Mini Portable Rechargeable Voice Amplifier

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WinBridge S92 Pro Portable PA System comes with a U5 handheld Bluetooth microphone and U8 wireless headset mic, speaker gives off a good clear sound, you could easily make a presentation to a group of 100-200 people and be heard clearly. It can also be a portable karaoke speaker.

The main pa speaker unit has a very good build quality, solid feel and well-made.Shiny black, good buttons for controlling and easy to reach. Very substantial. Easy to use, multiple input modes, and also works as a Bluetooth speaker and karaoke machine (No Echo, Bass and Treble)

Wireless voice amplifier With two portable microphones that you can place the unit stay in the center of the room and transmit some distance from the unit.You will get around 50 ft! And U8 wireless mic can easy to split into headset and mini handheld models.Can adjust volume via pressing the “+” and “-” on the mike.

Speaker with microphone System provide a sound for meeting,teaching, training,outdoor activities like wedding,Yoga classroom even for tourist guide,elder and whisper etc

You can link both the handheld microphone and the headset microphone at the same time. This would work well for teaching that kind of venue, portable pa speaker can help so much for some of your quieter kids to have their voices throughout the whole group,Kids will love to pass around the microphone and take turns speaking. The amplified sound helps all students, and especially enhances focus for your students with learning disabilities. It’s loud and powerful!


Output Power : 25W

Amplifying voice time : 8-10 hours

Battery capacity : 2600mAh

Charging time : 3-5 hours

Charging Voltage : DC 9V, 1A

Product size : 4.92*3.94*2.28 inches

Music playing time : 6-8 hours

Unit weight : 468g