USB-C To HDMI 2.1 8K Adapter

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USB-C To HDMI 2.1 8K Adapter

Improved Display

The Satechi USB-C to HDMI 2.1 8K Adapter supports a high-resolution 8K/60Hz display on compatible devices, delivering vibrant imagery and deeper color fidelity. For those prioritizing smoother motion and reduced motion blur in their visual content, it also offers a 4K/120Hz output option. This higher refresh rate is particularly beneficial for tasks such as high-definition gaming and professional video editing, where precision and fluidity are key. By connecting to a compatible HDMI-enabled monitor, users can instantly elevate their viewing experience with crisp, clear visuals that truly bring content to life.

Premium Design

The Satechi USB-C to HDMI 2.1 8K Adapter features a sleek aluminum enclosure, a tangle-free braided cable, and a durable reinforced neck. A slimmer, rounder, more compact USB-C connector facilitates an improved connection with devices in protective cases.

To Use

Simple plug-and-play design with no additional software or driver installation necessary. Universally compatible with all USB-C host devices and major operating systems.