WinBridge Wireless Voice Amplifier with 2 Bluetooth Mics- 15W

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  • Seamless Pairing: WB002 Plus wireless voice amplifier, an upgraded version of WB002, features a user-friendly design with dual Bluetooth headsets. The amplification system automatically pairs upon powering on, ensuring a hassle-free setup.
  • Dual Microphone Support: This portable voice amplifier is equipped to handle two microphones simultaneously, no wires involved, you can easily move around the room,providing flexibility and versatility in various applications.They can be easily used in places where the listeners are more like in a classroom, lecture hall etc. The device is pocket-friendly and user-friendly as well.
  • Powerful Sound Projection: With a robust 15W power output,it can project clear and crisp sound that covers more than 10000 sq.ft.This portable speaker is small and fits in the palm of your hand while providing crisp clear big sound. The microphone on the headset works well and prevents a lot of interference. Can be used for teaching or marketing items in person.

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