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With its four selectable polar patterns and versatile XLR and USB Type-C connectivity, the Saramonic SR-MV7000 large-diaphragm condenser microphone delivers quality sound for podcasters, live streamers, vocalists, and musicians using Mac/Windows computers, Android mobile devices, or traditional analog mic preamps. Since it can be placed on a table via the included stand or mounted on a boom arm, the SR-MV7000 is equally well suited for use at home or in the studio.

Utilizing three condenser capsules, the SR-MV7000 can capture sound in stereo or one of three mono modes (cardioid, omnidirectional, and bidirectional). The USB output offers up to 24-bit / 192 kHz resolution for detailed digital signal. The built-in 3.5mm headphone jack and dedicated volume control make it easy to monitor your audio in real time with no latency. Additional controls are provided for mic gain, mute, and a low-cut filter. The SR-MV7000 can be run on USB power or 48V phantom power.

Studio Sound and Versatility

The SR-MV7000 delivers studio-quality sound with versatility of four selectable polar patterns—cardioid, omnidirectional, bidirectional (figure-8), and stereo—afforded by its three large-diaphragm condenser capsules. This gives users flexibility and sonic control when miking different audio scenarios and sources.


  • Cardioid: Ideal for dialogue, vocal performances, and miking instruments
  • Omnidirectional: Ideal for round-table podcasts, multi-person, and multi-instrument recordings
  • Bidirectional (Figure-8): Ideal for two-person interviews and vocal or instrument recordings while rejecting sound from sides
  • Stereo: Ideal for capturing a realistic stereo image, like recording sound effects, acoustic instruments, and environmental or ambient sounds

USB and XLR Connectivity

Whether you are connecting and recording to a computer, microphone preamp, audio interface, Android mobile device, or a mixer, the SR-MV7000 has the included output cables for your needs.


  • USB Type-C to USB Type-A: For Mac and Windows computers
  • USB Type-C: For Android mobile devices and computers with USB Type-C ports
  • XLR 5-Pin to Dual XLR 3-Pin breakout cable: For mic preamps, audio interfaces, mixers, and professional processors

Advanced Control and Monitoring

The SR-MV7000 offers 4-position selectable gain control providing up to 30 dB of clean gain, a 150 Hz low-cut filter to remove unwanted bass rumble and noise, and a mute button. It also features a 3.5mm headphone output with a dedicated headphone volume control for real-time monitoring with no latency.

Form and Function

The SR-MV7000 was intelligently designed for function as well as aesthetics. It features a sleek, professional appearance that looks great on camera, with all buttons and controls easily accessed on the front of mic so you'll always be in control, even while recording. It comes with a solid and stable integrated desktop stand that be removed to mount the SR-MV7000 on any 5/8" threaded microphone stand or boom arm. Also supplied with the mic is a pop filter, which aids in controlling strong vocal plosives.