Satechi Bluetooth Media Button

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The Satechi BT Media Button puts media control at your fingertips with a single press of a button. Attach the button to your steering wheel or dashboard to safely and conveniently to control multi-media functions even when your smartphone is out of reach. Play/pause, forward/backtrack, and adjust volume even while your phone is in your pocket, purse, plugged into the wall, or elsewhere up to 40 feet away! 

Bluetooth Media Button

Control Media Playback

The BT Media Button allows you to play/pause and forward/backtrack media, and adjust volume without reaching for your phone. Includes steering wheel mount.

Bluetooth Media Button

Wireless Bluetooth

Simply pair the Bluetooth Media Button to your phone or tablet to enjoy a wireless Bluetooth range up to 40 feet. Easy to use with no software to install or any apps to download.