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*** Not available with ipad pro 2021 and newer ***

R1 Bluetooth Presentation Remote

Control Your Presentations

Features back/forward slide clickers, virtual keyboard, red laser pointer, and a black-out screen button to help control and enhance your presentations from afar.

R1 Bluetooth Presentation Remote

Wireless Bluetooth 5.0

With wireless Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and a range of up to 32 ft (10 m), the remote allows you to freely walk the room when presenting so you’re not tethered to the projector or computer.

R1 Bluetooth Presentation Remote

Laser Pointer

Equipped with a red laser pointer to help highlight key points and facts in your presentation – perfect for lectures, client presentations, and more.  Not recommended for LED/LCD/TV screens.

R1 Bluetooth Presentation Remote

Rechargeable USB-C

Features a convenient USB-C recharging port for long battery life – up to six months between charges* with a sleek aluminum finish, and slim profile for easy storage in the office or on-the-go. Includes USB-C charging cable.

*based on one-hour usage and heavily depends on laser us